Discover a whole new you through a programme and system of consultations and coaching. Together we will develop a deeper understanding of your relationship with food.

 Discover a whole new you through a programme and system of consultations and coaching. Together we will develop a deeper understanding of your relationship with food.


four week one to one programme

We will start by getting to know more about your journey so far, this will include a full health analysis, looking at test results you may have had in the past and possibly suggesting further tests.

We’ll then put together a four week therapeutic and restorative nutrition program focused solely on your individual fertility and will work with you to ensure any nutritional deficiencies are corrected.

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12 week one to one programme

The 12 week programme is designed to go to a deeper level. If you have had multiple miscarriages, PCOS, Oestrogen dominance, Premature ovarian insufficiency/failure, male fertility factor and a diagnosis that may have led to fertility complications this programme if for you.

We will work through previous tests which may include detailed immunology and based on our consultation and test we have also recommended, suggest a direction of travel for your next few months.

The programme is designed to work around your current situation and will reflect changes that occur every time we have a consultation and test result.

The end result will be a healthier body and more responsive reproductive health. If you are going for Assisted Reproduction we think this programme is better suited to help prepare you and we ask that you give us at least 12 weeks to work through changes that can be made towards better uterine, egg health and sperm health before embarking on this journey. Don’t take our word for it! Feel free to visit the testimonials many of whom have gone through this programme which is our most popular and have come out the other side with a baby in their arms.


4 week online group workshop

This 4 week programme is designed for those wanting to dip their toe into working with a nutritionist. Every week we have online sessions which are recorded so this enables you to access vital information you can tailor to your situation when you have time.

If you’ve not worked with a nutritionist before, it’s a great first step into nutrition and lifestyle support – there’s even a Facebook group where you join a community of like minded people and can ask further questions after themes each week.


pregnancy & nursing

The pregnancy programme is a unique and tailored approach to your own pregnancy.

In the 40 weeks we work together we will separate out each trimester and ensure if there have been issues previously or health conditions such as Hashimotos, gestational diabetes, HELLP, or group B strep that we concentrate on supporting the systems that can help manage and reduce either severity or getting the condition during pregnancy.

We have worked with ladies with more complicated conditions like Factor V Leiden previously, Ulcerative colitis and Crohns diseases, Ehlers Danlos syndrome also placental issues and also miscarriage in the first trimester.

At each trimester we ensure you have the tools to support you on your journey to give baby and mum a better start in life. We also offer as part of the programme a catch up once baby is born to make sure mum is well!

which package is best for me?

In order for us to determine the best package foryou we’d like to anser a few questions about your journey so far..

What Stage are you at?

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